Thursday, August 11, 2016

Wireless Networking

Wireless Networking

Getting the most out of your Internet

Below is a list of the Terms that are used to breath life into your Wireless Network.

Modem- Device used to connect computers or other Internet connectable components to the Internet. 

Router-  Device used to connect Internet Connectable devices to the Internet either using an Ethernet cable or wirelessly.

Streaming- Transmission of digital audio or video without first storing the files.

Wi-Fi- Refers to ability to connect to the Internet using a wireless local area network.

Wireless- Refers to ability to connect to the Internet without a wire from the router to a computer or Internet connectable device.

Wired- The process of using an Ethernet cable to connect devices such as computers, routers, modems, televisions
game systems, and other internet connectable devices.

Ethernet cable- A cable used to connect network devices such as routers, computers and Internet connectable devices. This cable is required if your devices do not connect wirelessly using Wi-Fi.

Broadband Internet- High data rate Internet access using a modem or digital subscriber line (DSL). Sorry Dial-up connections are not capable of delivering broadband internet. However some cellular services are capable of broadband internet. This type of connection is required to enjoy the apps/widgets that are installed on various electronics devices.

Internet download speed- Bandwidth (or speed) is measured in mbps (megabits per second). This is determined by the specific connection provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) as well as by other factors such as your distance from the server. Ultimately, your speed/bandwidth affects the types of tasks you can effectively perform with your PC or other connectable devices.

Internet connectable device- Devices that have the ability to connect directly to the Internet and access content, such as movies, music, photos and more. Includes Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and certain TVs.

Media player- A device that enables you to stream audio and video content on your home network. For example, you can stream videos from your PC to your TV using an HDMI cable or music from a storage device to your stereo system. And now we can add gaming systems and a host of other devices which the list is growing daily.

Widget- An interface or application that displays information in specified manner. With Internet connectable devices, widgets are used to organize and display content.

Note: Your wireless connection can be interrupted or hindered by other wireless devices, such as some cordless phones sharing the same mega-hertz as your wireless router, some wireless video surveillance systems, some wireless alarm systems, and some microwave ovens.

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