Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tutorials On Demand

Tutorials On Demand

Don't get left behind, the digital age is moving rapidly and it is safe to say none of us can afford to be left behind.

The TECavd Tutorial Matrix
If you have ever said I can never keep up with this new technology if you refuse to get a smartphone because you are afraid it is smarter than you. Or you give your phone, tablet, the remote to the t.v. to your five year old grandchild to setup it up, update it, add features, undo the mistakes you have made, maybe you just want to make a phone call.

A few years ago you could have gotten by with just handing those pesky electronics to someone else or maybe avoiding them gifts from Satan's treasure chest altogether. In recent years it would seem that everything we touch now requires a manual {the size of the old yellow pages} to operate and enjoy.

I would like to ease your pain a bit, I would like to offer my years of experience to help you better understand todays technology. I have been building, trouble shooting, and repairing peoples electronic and digital woe's for thirty plus years.

Most people do not have time to scourer the internet looking for a tutorials on how to work their gadget or gadgets. The worst part is when you think you have found a decent tutorial, you either end up having to sign a contract in blood to get the advice or there is the real threat of getting a virus, which creates a whole new basket of evil.

It is likely true that ever question you have about todays nuisances  when it comes to the digital age and our use of new age electronics, there is probably a tutorial on the internet somewhere.

With tutorials on demand, I am offering to do the research for you or create the tutorial for you. Here is an (example) as to the detail and ease of understanding, when you have a tutorial made to your specification or limitations. I completed this step by step tutorial (where are my apps) for a client a little bit ago. She was so elated, if she was comfortable leaving a comment she would have.

Digital Communication Devices
Streaming Devices and Data Services
Internet Publishing
Home Automation
Social Media

If you have a digital conundrum, and you are ready to toss your digital or electronic device up against a wall, email me at tecavd@tecavd.com and give TECavd's tutorials on demand a try first.

TECavd Tutorials on Demand
Most tutorials are free of charge and only take thirty (:30) minutes to complete. If it takes more than thirty (:30) minutes or if the first tutorial is submitted and you need more instruction. See the prices below.

Levels of Service for TECavd Tutorials on Demand

Please use the drop down button below to select the level of service you will be needing, per our discussion.


If you have any questions Do Not hesitate to email me at tecavd@tecavd.com.

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