Thursday, August 11, 2016

Cookies Begone clear the Cache

Cookies Begone 
Clear the Cache, Cookies, and Browsing History

Are you plagued by popups, slow internet connections, slow computing, malware, spyware, unwanted advertisements, hackers, or any other deviant activities, (Cookies Begone) could be your answer.

Cache not to be mistaken for CASH, cache is hardware or software component (mostly referred to as memory) it could be physical or virtual memory where data is stored for future lookup or visits.

Cookies can be likened to the crumbs left behind after a five year old or teenager robs the cookie jar and leaves behind a mess to let you know they've been there. For internet sites they love to leave these crumbs behind. 

I know you are thinking, but wait I visited their site. So, why are you being pestered with their websites mess and leaving their cookies on my computer? Well, the cookie crumbles both ways.

Browsing history is the footprints you left behind allowing others (people, bots, sites, search engines, the government, private eyes more than one meaning for this term) to see where you have been.

Sometimes all of the above can be responsible for unwanted Pop Ups, Advertisements, Spam, Malware, and Spyware that is now haunting your computer or electronic device and could possibly be slowing down your device or computer.

Are you at the mercy of these pesky tools of spydom? Okay, I made that word up.

The answer is no, you can clear or wipe the sleight clean for most of the software nemesis above by going into the browser settings, tools or preferences. Much have been written and there are a multitude of instructions posted on the net explaining how to do this.

However, depending on the type of browser you are using the instructions could vary a little, I have provided the links to the most popular browsers to date.

Mozilla or better known as Firefox

This is a really good alternative to browsing the internet if you just cannot resolve the issues with your current browser. Just remember there are no perfect solutions and if you do not take preventive measures to police the above mentioned foes of surfing, you will get what you get.

Chrome googles flagship browser

Chrome is a very stable browser, and multi-functional. Google has come a long way, but I will reiterate there is no perfect browser.

You will see here that google support has not only provided the link to their Chrome browser, but also the links to other popular browsers.

Safari Apples private and notorious browser

Apple has long been toted as providing a secure and safe browsing experience, but recently the hackers and malware, spyware providers have made a dent in Safari’s armor. Apple has continued to provide up to date critical security patches to counter the chess moves and war waged by the infidels or antagonist against a liberated internet.

You will not experience the same issues with Safari as you will with other browsers, however it is best to clear your history regularly.

Microsofts doomed internet explorer

Microsoft will eventually retire the internet explorer as users migrate to Windows 10, but while we wait.

Remember there are multiple versions of internet explore (8,9,10,11) so check the about option on your browser to discover which version you have.

Please take note of the what gets deleted portion of the information provided in the above links.

What gets deleted when you delete your browsing history

Microsoft Edge The Replacement

I have to say that Microsoft has really revamped the browsing world with the Edge browser, you will be astonished at what this browser will do. We will save that for another post.

If you continue to be plagued by unwanted popups, spyware, malware, cookies, hackers, slow computing, unwanted advertisements and the like. You may need to call your local tech expert or at least invest in a no frills (caution: not all virus protection software have your best interest at heart) virus protection program.


Get rid of those add-on tool bars disguise as browser assistants, but really is a recipe for disaster.

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