Thursday, August 25, 2016

Where are My Apps

In the event, the unfortunate happens to your smartphone or tablet, and your device has to be factory reset.

Another scenario is that your device met the sidewalk, or decided to take a swim in the toilet.

Or just maybe you need to update your apps.

The question has been asked: Where are my Apps?

The answer; The cloud, now wasn't that easy.

Ok, maybe this will require some explanation. Here are the steps needed to find and update your apps.


Step 1 Touch the App Store icon

Step 2 Find and Touch the Purchased Button

Step 3 There They Are

Step 4 Are You Looking to Update your Apps

Find and Touch the Update Button.

Step 5 Update those Apps Here


Step 1 Find and Touch the Play Store Button

Step 2 Select the Options Menu

Step 3 Touch My Apps and Games

Step 4 There They Are


If you have not backed up your device either on a PC (who does that anymore) or in the cloud, then these steps could help you restore your device back to the way it was before tragedy struck.

You could also use these steps to update your Apps. Updating your Apps are most important if there are security updates needed, or critical updates, otherwise it is good to update them to get the latest features.

If you have any suggestions for a specific tutorial.
Please let me know via email, or leave a comment.

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